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If you’ve been trying to cancel Asurion phone insurance for an alternative that fits your needs better, you may have found that the process is more complex than you expected. Unfortunately, many device protection companies do this on purpose in order to retain clients out of sheer convenience.

You shouldn’t have to muddle through a confusing cancellation process to make the switch to an Asurion phone insurance alternative. We’ve cleared the air around switching from Asurion insurance to AKKO so that you can make the change with ease.

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You’re not alone—many consumers have made the decision to cancel Asurion insurance for a variety of reasons. Asurion does cover many common phone issues, and new phone users can easily add Asurion onto their phone bill through many major carriers.

However, AKKO insurance tends to offer better value for most — if not all — cell phone users. With AKKO, you can easily bundle insurance for the whole family at a low monthly rate. Plus, AKKO phone protection covers a wide variety of issues, including theft, damage, loss, and mechanical breakdowns.


Phone-only Protection


Monthly Insurance


$6 – $12/month

Based on your carrier, see Sprint (T-Mobile), AT&T, and Verizon.

Accidental Damage

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Mechanical Breakdowns

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Used or refurbished devices

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Must be refurbished by Asurion

Deductibles (Damage)

$29 – $99

Based on your carrier, see Sprint (T-Mobile), AT&T, and Verizon.

Deductibles (Theft/Replacement)

$75 – $100

Based on your carrier, see Sprint (T-Mobile), AT&T, and Verizon.

# of Claims Allowed


Based on your carrier, see Sprint (T-Mobile), AT&T, and Verizon.

Benefits of AKKO Phone Insurance

Switching from Asurion to AKKO gives consumers a number of benefits that can be summed up in one word: Freedom!  You’ll be free to:

Used and Refurbished Devices

Coverage for All Device Conditions

For budget-friendly or environmentally conscious phone owners, purchasing a new device isn't always the objective. Used or refurbished models can perform just as effectively as brand-new phones. AKKO's plan cover all device types, from brand new to both used and refurbished devices.

Number of Claims Allowed

Unlimited Claims Allowed

With AKKO’s unlimited claims, you can file as many phone insurance claims as needed throughout the year.


Flexible Pricing Options

With AKKO, safeguarding your phone could cost you as little as $5 per month. For $15 per month, you can protect all your electronics, including 1 phone plus up to 25 additional devices. What's more, AKKO offers substantially lower deductibles for theft insurance than competitors.

How to Cancel

Switching from Asurion insurance to an AKKO plan doesn’t have to be complicated. In order to cancel Asurion phone insurance, take a moment to find out when your current insurance will run out. You can find this information by calling Asurion customer service or logging into your online account with your cell service provider.

Step 1

Asurion customer service

Once you’re ready to cancel, call the Asurion customer service line for your specific service provider. You can find this information directly on the Asurion website on the Contact Us page.

Step 2


The representative you speak with should be able to cancel your warranty during your call once they receive the personal information about your account that they need.

Step 3

Cancellation notice

After confirming your cancellation with an Asurion customer service representative, make sure to check your next bill to confirm that coverage has been cancelled. If you prefer to write in a cancellation notice instead, you can find the address to send it to on the terms and conditions of your warranty or your original receipt.

Can I Get a Refund
If I Cancel Asurion?

Asurion does not typically issue full refunds once the warranty has been put into effect. However, you can receive a prorated refund for any unused coverage that was left over after cancellation.

Check your credit card statement after cancelling to make sure your prorated refund begins on the day that you cancelled. Asurion does not make customers wait until the next billing cycle to be completely free of coverage.


The following content applies to Asurion Customers who have purchased phone protection plans through asurion.com. If you purchased an Asurion Plan through your carrier then please see our Switch Page to locate your carrier and find the correct instructions.

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