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If you’re looking for an alternative to T-Mobile phone protection, you’re not alone. Many loyal customers become frustrated with the quality of service they’re receiving from their cell company, but they can become overwhelmed by the intentionally complex cancellation process.

This is especially common when customers have been using the same company for a long time. Plenty of people simply stay out of convenience, despite dissatisfaction with the service they’re receiving or the amount they’re paying each month.

Luckily, we’ve made it easy to move on from your T-Mobile plan and find the most cost-effective cell protection plan for you.

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Switching from AppleCare to AKKO

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Don’t get us wrong—Device Protection and Protection 360 have some great benefits. With the Protection 360 plan, you even get access to AppleCare and all the coverage it can provide.

However, the number of claims you can file under your T-Mobile coverage within a certain period is limited, which can be problematic if you have multiple phones on your plan that need protection in the event of loss, theft, or damage.

Plus, out-of-pocket deductibles tend to be higher with cell carrier protection plans, and many cell carriers don’t protect used or refurbished phones.

AKKO is an excellent T-Mobile phone insurance alternative. You’ll love the differences you see when you compare the benefits, so take a moment to consider switching from T-Mobile insurance for a much better fit.


Phone-only Protection


Monthly Insurance


$6 – $12/month

$7 – $18/month

Accidental Damage

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Mechanical Breakdowns

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Used or refurbished devices

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Deductibles (Damage)

$29 – $99

$10 – $99

Deductibles (Theft/Replacement)

$75 – $100

$10 – $249

# of Claims Allowed


2-3 per 12 months

Benefits of AKKO Phone Insurance

Switching from AT&T to AKKO gives consumers a number of benefits that can be summed up in one word: Freedom!  You’ll be free to:

Used and Refurbished Devices

Coverage for All Device Conditions

Oftentimes, all you need is a good refurbished phone to get the job done—no need to spend hundreds on a brand-new device. However, it’s natural that phone companies will push new phone purchases by offering few or no benefits for used phone owners and several distinct benefits for new phone buyers.

With AKKO, you can insure any device, no matter whether you acquired it new, online from a third party, or even from a friend or family member as a hand-me-down

Number of Claims Allowed

Unlimited Claims Allowed

Cell phone carriers like T-Mobile tend to limit the number of claims you can file within a one-year period. AKKO allows you to file as many claims as you need to, no matter what type of claim you file, which tends to be particularly useful for those who are using our family plans or bundles.


Flexible Pricing Options

While cell carrier phone protection can cost you up to $20 per month, AKKO insures devices for as little as $5 per month. With our family plans and bundles, you could have all of the phones in your family insured for less than a single-device coverage plan with T-Mobile.

AKKO also boasts lower deductibles for damage, theft, and replacement. With AKKO, you’ll never pay more than $99 for a deductible. In fact, AKKO’s deductibles can be as low as $29 in some cases! Meanwhile, some major phone carriers charge up to $299.

How to Cancel

You’ll have to cancel T-Mobile phone insurance before officially making the switch to AKKO protection plans. In order to complete this step, you’ll have to determine which payment plan you’re on and when your current insurance will expire.

Check When Coverage Expires

T-Mobile typically bills the primary account holder monthly for their services under Device Protection and Protection 360. However, if you were able to opt for AppleCare through T-Mobile’s Protection 360 plan, you may have opted for the 2-year warranty paid in full.

T-Mobile’s Device Protection and Protection 360 services can be canceled at any time. However, this cancellation cannot be made online or through your T-Mobile app. Therefore, you’ll have to schedule a callback with a representative at the bottom of the page to finalize your cancellation.

Once you’ve canceled your service, your cancellation will officially go into effect at the end of your current billing cycle.

Though you can get some assistance on the T-Mobile app, the company does not perform online cancellations. In order to cancel over the phone, call 1-800-T-MOBILE to be directed to a representative that can help you to cancel your T-Mobile phone insurance.

Step 1


Log in to your account on MySupport and find your
AppleCare agreement number.

Step 1

Find your serial number

On your mobile device, go to Settings > General >
About to find your serial number.

Step 1

Original receipt

Have your original receipt of sale on hand.

Step 1

Cancel your plan

Call Apple Support and opt for cancellation.

If you are currently using a T-Mobile plan without AppleCare, you’re likely on a monthly payment plan.

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Get the Phone Insurance You Deserve with AKKO

It’s time to make the shift to a T-Mobile phone insurance alternative that has your best interest in mind. Switching from T-Mobile insurance to AKKO will save you money and provide you with the level of protection you deserve. Check out our phone protection plans today!

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