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Making sure that your cell phone is insured against theft, loss, or accidental damage is extremely important. Accidents can happen, and you don’t want to be caught without protection. However, different phone protection plans tend to be better suited for different people.

If you’re finding that your Geek Squad phone protection service isn’t satisfactory, you don’t have to settle. It’s time to level up and make the switch to AKKO phone insurance. Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry! We can help you through the process step by step.

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While Geek Squad offers benefits for new phone purchases, those with used or non-Geek Squad phones have limited options.

With AKKO, your coverage stretches further. Insure multiple devices on one plan with our bundle and family options, just one of many advantages AKKO phone insurance offers.


Phone-only Protection

Geek Squad

Monthly Insurance


$6 – $12/month

$7.99 – $10.99/month

Accidental Damage

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Not included

Mechanical Breakdowns

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Depends on plan

Used or refurbished devices

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Not included

Deductibles (Damage)

$29 – $99

$149.99 – $249.99

Deductibles (Theft/Replacement)

$75 – $100

$149.99 – $249.99

# of Claims Allowed


3 per 24 month period

Benefits of AKKO Phone Insurance

Switching from Geek Squad to AKKO gives consumers a number of benefits that can be summed up in one word: Freedom!  You’ll be free to:

Used and Refurbished Devices

Coverage for All Device Conditions

For budget-friendly or environmentally conscious phone owners, purchasing a new device isn't always the objective. Used or refurbished models can perform just as effectively as brand-new phones. AKKO's plan cover all device types, from brand new to both used and refurbished devices.

Number of Claims Allowed

Unlimited Claims Allowed

With AKKO’s unlimited claims, you can file as many phone insurance claims as needed throughout the year.


Flexible Pricing Options

With AKKO, safeguarding your phone could cost you as little as $5 per month. For just $15 per month, you can protect all your electronics, including 1 phone plus up to 25 additional devices. What's more, AKKO offers substantially lower deductibles for theft insurance than competitors.

How to Cancel Geek Squad

Once you’ve made the decision to switch to a Geek Squad phone insurance alternative, you’ll need to make sure that your previous insurance has been canceled. The first step is determining when your current insurance will expire.

Check When Coverage Expires

Geek Squad offers two distinct device protection plans: Basic Protection and Complete Protection. Each plan is designed to cover new Geek Squad devices for up to two years. Both offer the option to pay for one or two years of coverage upfront. Alternatively, you can choose to pay a monthly fee.

Even if you paid in full for your phone coverage at the time that you purchased your device, you can still cancel Geek Squad insurance anytime and receive a prorated refund. All you have to do is call 1-800-433-5778 to speak to a representative or contact the company through the Best Buy website.

Geek Squad even accepts cancellations by mail as long as you include your reason for cancellation and your original receipt!

Switching from Geek Squad insurance to AKKO is just as easy if you currently pay monthly for your service. All you’ll have to do is contact Geek Squad at the above number or online, and a representative will be able to cancel your plan immediately.

Generally, cancellation for monthly plans goes into effect at the next billing cycle, which means that you’ll still have coverage until the end of the current cycle.

Step 1


If you’re planning to cancel by phone, simply call Geek Squad at 1-800-433-5778.

Step 2

Cancel your plan

Say “protection plan” and “cancel my plan” when prompted to do so by the automated operator.

Step 1

Log in

Log onto www.bestbuy.com

Step 2


Find the header and click “Services”

Step 3

Chat with a
Geek Squad Agent

From the drop-down menu, select “Chat with a
Geek Squad Agent”

Step 4

Chat Now

Type in your email address and select “Chat Now” when prompted

Step 5

Cancel your plan

Follow the instructions in your chat to cancel your plan

Whichever method you choose, the cancellation process should be relatively quick and painless.

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Don’t worry, a lot of people sometimes think this sounds “too good to be true” so we get asked a lotof questions. Below are the answers to most of them. If you have any others, just ask us by clicking the blue button in the bottom right! 🙂

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Get the Phone Insurance You Deserve with AKKO

It’s time to make the shift to a Geek Squad phone insurance alternative that has your best interest in mind. Switching from Geek Squad insurance to AKKO will save you money and provide you with the level of protection you deserve. Check out our phone protection plans today!

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