Empower Your Device Financing Business with Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

Customized protection for devices, enhanced customer satisfaction, and reduced financial risk.

Discover AKKO

Comprehensive coverage plans tailored for Device Financing and Fintech customers

Protect customer devices against damage, breakdown, and theft throughout the device lifecycle

Ensure customers can utilize devices without worrying about unexpected costs or disruptions

White-labeled UI and communications options for seamless integration

Top-rated customer support for enhanced service experience

Digital-first experience for convenient access and management

The AKKO Device Protection Journey

Explore our streamlined process from plan purchase to claim filing and repairs. See how AKKO simplifies device insurance for customers.


Plan Purchase

Customer purchases a plan online or in store. AKKO solutions include robust APIs, hosted check out portals, and a POS for brick-and-mortar.


File a Claim

Fast & easy claims filing with AKKO's digital-first claims portal, including automated claims routing for faster processing.


Repair or Replacement

Supported by AKKO's Authorized Repair Network, AKKO works with customer to coordinate repair service or replacement item.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer is back online! Supported by the best customer experience in the industry.

Our Solutions

Enhance Your Offering with AKKO

Tailored Solutions

AKKO offers customizable device insurance solutions specifically designed for the needs of Fintechs and Device Financing companies, ensuring that coverage aligns with your business model and customer base.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our insurance plans provide comprehensive protection against damage, breakdown, and theft, safeguarding your customers' devices throughout the device lifecycle.

Seamless Integration

AKKO seamlessly integrates with your existing Fintech or Device Financing platform, providing a seamless customer experience and enhancing the value proposition for your users.

Digital-First Claims Process

With AKKO's digital-first approach, customers can easily file claims online, streamlining the claims process and reducing administrative overhead for your business.

Scalable Solutions

Whether you're a startup or an established player, AKKO's solutions are scalable to accommodate your business growth and evolving customer needs.

Dedicated Support

AKKO provides dedicated support to Fintechs and Device Financing companies, ensuring that your unique requirements are met and that you receive the assistance you need to succeed.

Protect the tech you rely on with the highest-rated provider in the U.S.

Top Rated on Google and TrustPilot by happy customers.  #1 ranked by GadgetReview.com (over AppleCare, Geek Squad, and SquareTrade) and more...

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I’m so thrilled by this service. For only a couple dollars more than I’d been paying Verizon just for phone insurance, now all my devices are covered. I just completed a claim of my 6 year old MacBook Pro- which I’d spilled ramen all over. Service was super rapid… I’d highly recommend AKKO.

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AKKO took care of me with fast customer service… Smoothest transaction for insurance ever.

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My cracked phone screen repair was a seamless experience with AKKO. They far exceeded my expectations and provided reimbursement funds the very next day.

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Very professional. Followed up and resolved the issue immediately highly recommend this company.

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