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Retain customers long-term and grow your brand affinity with the best protection in the industry.

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Why focus on device protection?

Customer Retention

Showcase your commitment to customer care and provide peace of mind to consumers.

Customers can quickly and easily access support, repair, or replacement services, resulting in higher satisfaction levels and stronger brand loyalty.

Revenue Diversification

Selling device protection plans represents an additional revenue stream.

Tap into this  growing market and generate recurring income through plan subscriptions or one-time purchases.

Competitive Advantage

Sets your business apart by providing added value to customers beyond their initial purchase.

Attract new customers, retain existing ones, and position your business as a leader in customer service and support.

Custom protection products, powered by the industry's best claims experience

We cover it all, including accidents & theft

From cracks and breaks to spills and more, we cover what home and renters insurance doesn’t - an easy add-on to your existing products.

Coverage for new and used devices

We cover any phone make and model, used and refurbished devices - plus household items, laptops, sports equipment and more.

File a claim in seconds

Our claims experience allows online or in app claims off-the-shelf.

Protection for phoneProtection for cameraProtection for laptop

Swift repairs and replacements to ensure customer satisfaction

Claims resolved within 48 hours

Claims are solved quickly, often the same day - ensuring your customers keep going without interruption.

3,000+ local repair options

Locations throughout North America, including rural areas.

Repair locations within 10-15 minutes

Shops are easily accessible to customers so they can quickly get back to what matters most.

Flexible, seamless, and rapid integrations

Quickly launch at point-of-sale

Customers can seamlessly add plans or add-ons at checkout on your website, through your phone/IVR, or field sales/CX teams.

Turnkey white-labelled solutions

AKKO’s experience can be integrated as a fully white labelled solution, from signup through claims filing.

Custom products and embedded plans

Ability to bundle custom plans within your current offerings.

Tailored plan options,
custom solutions.

Our customizable plan options and innovative platform work seamlessly with existing shopping and activation experiences- proven to grow revenue while reducing churn. Let's see how.

Tailored Plan Options

Discover personalized plan options designed to meet your consumer's needs and preferences.

Seamless Integration

Experience our innovative platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing shopping and activation processes, enhancing your overall experience.

Drive Revenue, Reduce Churn

Learn how our solutions are proven to boost revenue and decrease churn rates, ensuring a sustainable and profitable partnership.

Custom Solutions for Groups

Unlock custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Create your own offering, powered by AKKO.

Add-On Benefits

Increase group satisfaction and revenue streams by offering additional insurance options to enhance your services.

Achieve Growth and Stability

Discover how our platform helps you achieve sustainable growth and stability by driving revenue and minimizing churn.

Harness the power of AKKO’s Platform

Supercharge your own protection programs and benefits using AKKO’s Platform-as-a-Service solutions.

See how it works

Any Device

New, used, or refurbished all covered

Full Protection

Against parts failure, damage, theft, and loss

Swift Repairs

Easy & fast local repair options

Easy Claims

24/7 seamless, fully digital claims platform

Quick Payouts

Rapid claims resolution with digital disbursements

Protect the tech you rely on with the highest-rated provider in the U.S.

Top Rated on Google and TrustPilot by happy customers.  #1 ranked by (over AppleCare, Geek Squad, and SquareTrade) and more...


I’m so thrilled by this service. For only a couple dollars more than I’d been paying Verizon just for phone insurance, now all my devices are covered. I just completed a claim of my 6 year old MacBook Pro- which I’d spilled ramen all over. Service was super rapid… I’d highly recommend AKKO.

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AKKO took care of me with fast customer service… Smoothest transaction for insurance ever.

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My cracked phone screen repair was a seamless experience with AKKO. They far exceeded my expectations and provided reimbursement funds the very next day.

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Very professional. Followed up and resolved the issue immediately highly recommend this company.

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We developed AKKO with a focus on meeting business needs. Our insurance offers comprehensive coverage, dedicated customer service, transparent pricing, and straightforward terms. While it may seem unconventional, it's our commitment to integrity and fairness.

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